Investor Management Services

Management One has an abundance of experience in helping our investors buy  rental properties.

Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned investor and just want to buy additional properties, we offer the following services:

Investor Services

Step 1: Determine with you your overall investment strategy

Step 2: Review our Single Family Home Retirement Strategy (SFHRS)

Step 3: Show you the best areas for rental property purchases

Step 4: Supply you with a Certified Rental Analysis (CRA) which details property rental rates and other important rental data so you know what the approximate rent that your property will command before you buy so you can maximize your ROI

Step 5:  Find the property for you to purchase

Step 6: Process it through escrow

Step 7: Start Pre-leasing at the end of escrow

Step 8: Supply an itemized breakdown of repairs and enhancements (at set prices)that the property may need

Step 9: Organize and have the repairs and improvements completed and then inspect after the work is done to make sure it’s 100% complete.

Step 10: Place a new resident in the property

Step 11: Begin day to day property management services to manage the new resident, the cash flow, the property and the legal requirements

Step 12: Send your check and monthly statement and give you secure, 24/7 on line access to your statements and invoices so that you can monitor your property and the management of your property from anywhere in the world